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British School of Kampala - Badge

Did you think you couldn’t afford a top quality International School Education for your child? With British School of Kampala you can!

We are family – a vibrant school in the heart of Uganda with the aim of developing children who are motivated to exceed their expectations and change the world around them through their positive attitude toward life and education.

We follow the British National Curriculum with adaptation to the local setting in Uganda. Our uniqueness is engulfed in the affordable fees structure and individual attention rendered to each child, taking particular care of their needs.

British School of Kampala is located on Lubbobbo Close in Muyenga - a quiet
and safe place for your child to study. Visit us today for a FREE full day trial.

Science Laboratory

We are the only International Primary School offering Practical Science lessons in a fully stocked science laboratory from 10 years old. At British School of Kampala, we learn by Discovering and Understanding.



Year 6 student does her practical science lesson


Quiet time in the library.


We offer a condusive environment for your child to study


HOW did WE perform at CAMBRIDGE?

To sum it all up in three little words - WE MADE IT!
Our candidates were highly motivated to exceed their expectations - and they did! To know more about our Cambridge performance, Read the NEWSLETTER.

Uganda's First and Only EDEXCEL Accredited Centre

Our School Fees Structure is the most affordable of any other quality international school in the region.

We offer a FREE FULL DAY TRIAL for all children from Year 1 to Year 12. 90% of the people that have tried this offer have stayed.

We aim to create an environment where learning is fun and every milestone reached is a memorable medallion.

School Policy

The British School of Kampala has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs. Any student caught in possession of any illegal drug on school property will be expelled from the school immediately!


Boarding facilities are now available with a choice of two. For details contact; either 0776558083 or 0712760207/0772760207



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