At British School of Kampala, we develop and foster those attitudes which help to produce happy, friendly, considerate and caring children, who are capable of working, playing and living alongside other children and adults, engendering a sense of community and commitment at class, school and neighborhood levels.
We follow the British National Curriculum with adaptation to the local setting in Uganda. British School of Kampala is a fast growing school. We offer the largest selection of extra-curricular activities. More than 23 super-exciting options to choose from in the Primary Section alone.


YEARS 1 - 5 YEAR 6 Lunch Fee
Registration Fee: $50
Caution fee: $100
Tuition: 1,350,000/- + $210.
Registration Fee: $50
Caution fee: $100
Tuition: 2,025,000/- + $315.
(Including check point examination fee)
Year 1 to 3 : 285,000/-
Year 4 to 6 : 310,000/-